100. Is there really a Soul?

“දසබලයන්වහන්සේ නමැති ශෛලමය පර්වතයෙන් පැන නැඟී, අමා මහ නිවන නම් වූ මහා සාගරය අවසන් කොට ඇති, ආර්ය අෂ්ටාංගික මාර්ගය නම් වූ සිහිල් දිය දහරින් හෙබි, උතුම් ශ්‍රීමුඛ බුද්ධවචන ගංගාවෝ, ලෝ සතුන්ගේ සසර දුක් නිවාලමින්, බොහෝ කල් ගලා බස්නා සේක්වා!”
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Q. We are talking about a soul coming from previous life as we born and a soul going to next life as we die. What are the properties and characteristics and nature of soul as mentioned in Tripitaka Dhamma? Are there two different things called soul and mind mentioned in Tipitaka Dhamma? If so what's the difference?

A. 1. Soul: - Simply and Philosophically (/ Metaphysically), There is no Soul = Anatta = Soullessness, Selflessness, Emptiness of Atta, Non-self, Non-soul.

2. Mind: - Simply and Philosophically (/ Metaphysically), Mind is no Soul by any means and is a rapidly changing (/ flowing) energy process which is very capable of doing (/ thinking / perceiving / talking / feeling / etc.) anything that disguise / deceives / fools / foxes you as the (false concept / thinking / view of) Soul.

Note: Sometimes “Atta” refers to "Oneself" when Making Known. [It doesn’t mean “there is a Soul” at all.]

Q. There is a mental thinking process happening inside any being (in brain) which i meant as the mind. If there is a life after death (which is not proven) then there should be some thing carried forward from this life to next life which I meant as the soul. If there is no soul then rebirth should be false which is a contradiction with Tripitaka Dharma. If there is nothing taking from this life to next life then how could rebirth occur! If the mind is an energy there should be a location of generating that energy and the energy should be generated from a matter. Energies can not generate without matter and without a location. So then what the the location of mind and what is the mater which generated the mind?? As we can not find a location of the mind and the matter which generated the energy of mind, mind could not be an energy as it does not have characteristics of an energy! Mind could be a result of a process which defines all the above characteristics.

A. No matter what your knowledge, what you think, believe or how you explain – there is no Soul and Mind is a rapidly changing energy process which (not exactly the same, nor the totally different one) flows from one existence to another (where Rebirth continues) until attain The Noble Nibbana (The Noble Stage of Arahantship).

Q. Ur explanation seems to be in line with Abhidharma, how ever the issue is the way of realization! So U mean rebirth is not a creation of a new mind (chitta) but a conversion of the existing mind into the new life? My main question is what kind of thing is this mind (chitta)? Its properties and characteristics as I can not realize the mind has got properties of an energy or matter which could transform from one place to another place.

A. Of course, I am along with Abhidhamma, as It is The Best Knowledge all the time. 

And, I am afraid that “conversion / transformation (reincarnation/transmigration)” is(are) the right word(s); if/whatever it is, it is done by Kamma Patha & Khamma (Actions which are directly and indirectly related to Rebirth). Nevertheless, I was/am trying to showcase what Mind or Soul is and how Rebirth takes place.

Your main question has already been answered. The Mind is an energy – in fact, it is a collection of energies, so is Matter. (You might wonder, I mean - Even the Matter is an energy: In fact, it (Matter) is too a collection of energies.)

When we come to properties of the Mind, that collection of energies are the properties – they are called “Mental Factors” (Cetasikas). Those mental factors (or one of them) can mask the Mind and show their own characteristics and vice versa where almost anyone is fooled and there originates Soul, Self or I (or Doer, Being, Person, etc.).

As I mentioned earlier in my first comment, the Mind is very capable of doing anything. Now you know that the Mind is not alone.

Note: Here we are mainly talking of/about the Mind. Remember, even the Matter (/Both) can fox you.

"දසබලසේලප්පභවා නිබ්බානමහාසමුද්දපරියන්තා, අට්ඨංග මග්ගසලිලා ජිනවචනනදී චිරං වහතූ!"

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